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Matec filter press is the best economical/technical solution for slurry dewatering and water cleaning. Simplicity and great results. Click here to discover more about filter press technology


Dry the sludge up to 85%, recover 90% of water. Matec dewatering system can do it while guaranteeing the lowest running costs on the market. Click here to know more about Matec complete dewatering system

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Matec is a high tech company. We believe anything can be improved, in order to achieve the best results and not just satisfactory ones. Click here to discover Matec cutting-edge technologies

Case Studies

MATEC values the experience gained working on past projects. The following case studies have been developed to show how MATEC dealt with problems our competitors could not solve.

armstrong-tabsIn the coal sector, Matec can show real proof of the quality of our plants. We carried out more than 50 installations worldwide.

We have managed to solve several problems related with the disposal of the material.

Some of our best plants are in North America, precisely in the USA:
- Armstrong Coal (Kentucky);
- Iron Mountain Project (Nevada).

Through Matec machinery, our clients succeded in getting rid of obsolete systems, like the belt press, and increase their savings.
The aggregates sector is one of the sectors we started with more than 10 years ago.

One of the main goals when dealing with aggregates production site has been eliminating the settling pond used for the disposal of fines. MATEC plants guarantee dry mud cakes that can be easily stocked and disposed of.

In this sector, we can show several examples of successful installations in the USA:
- Carolina Sunrock (North Carolina);
- Preferred Sand (Wisconsin).

arcelor-tabsFor the iron-ore sector, where it is important recovering the metal and mineral concentrate to maximize the returns, we have installed several plants.

Through filtration processes with MATEC machines, the recovery of precious materials can be dramatically increased.

In this sector, we usually dedicate different machines to the concentrate and the tailing sectors.

Matec Golden Rules

The ten rules for not making a mistake in choosing your filterpress.
After evaluating and comparing the various points, we are sure you will choose MATEC product, because the best one for its price/quality ratio.

01 Experience

Buying a plant is a big investment. That is why you should entrust who can show their experience over the years and who has installed many plants in your sector.
MATEC is a worldwide leader with references in all the main sectors and over 1000 installed plants.The best clients trust MATEC’s experience

02 Pressure

Pressure is to one plant what speed is to a car. More pressure (more speed) means better performances, a shorter cycle time, a lower humidity percentage and better results.
MATEC is the only 100% HPT company using pressures up to 16 and 21 BARS, twice as much as the pressures at which competitors work (8/10 BARS).

03 Gasser System

The shaking system is fundamental, without it you will have the cloth life reduced, the machine spraying and, above all, an operator to be always present.
MATEC uses the patented and high efficiency pneumatic GASSER system.

04 Warranty

MATEC is the only company which gives a 36 month full warranty for its plants, for the electrical, the hydraulic and the mechanical parts.

05 Automatism

A fully automatic plant does not need an operator, reducing the running costs.
MATEC produces only 100% automatic and hi-tech plants.

06 Capacity

Always compare m³ per cycle and tons per hour. The productivity of a filter press is given by m³ per cycle and cycles, and consequently by tons of dry mud cakes produced, per hour.
MATEC designs and builds plants from 0,5 to 100 m³/h, every plant is automatic and customized.

07 Opening time

The opening time (mud cake discharging) is an unproductive dead time. The faster the time for cake discharging and for restarting the filtration, the more productive is the machine.
MATEC is the only company which uses the TT2 patented system that reduces discharging times of big machines from 15/20 minutes to less than 3 minutes.

08 Stainless steel

Stainless steel or iron is an important choice for the plant lifetime and
MATEC uses only AISI 304 Stainless steel to guarantee every product for 10 years and to reduce maintenance costs drastically.

09 Brands

The use of important brands does not only mean quality, it is also an important guarantee for the availability of
components locally.
MATEC only uses top brands. Siemens and Allen Bradley for the electrical part, Bosch Rexroth for the mechanical part and 100% made in Italy feeding pumps.

10 Assistance

The assistance before, during and after the sale is fundamental for plants.
MATEC has a technical office with 5 engineers dedicated to blueprint design, project engineering and the providing of different platforms, 1 dedicated engineer during installation, 10 technicians for the plant assembling and start-up, and for the after-sale assistance within 24/48 hours.
MATEC was born for the assistance on filter presses by other brands, developing experience in plant repairing and understanding its fundamental
importance for the client.


MATEC specializes in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants. We work for many different industries, the most important are: aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, ceramics and glass. Our mission is the customer’s satisfaction. That is why we offer timely after-sale service, as well as before-sale advice to understand the real requirements of our potential customers.

MATEC new plants are based in Massa, in the very heart of a wide industrial zone, also known as Apuana. A well-equipped reality that can cope with all the needs of the worldwide purification market, thanks to a simple but effective organization. All the machines are built in our plants. Thus we can offer top-quality products ‘Made in Italy’, which will fulfill the most demanding applications and markets.

Matteo Goich


Massimo Bertolucci